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Luna and Sunshine

Luna, my beloved companion-a mermaid in a bulldogs body.  Before she found a home with me, I kept ‘hearing’, ‘seeing’ and ‘sensing’ the name Luna.  I had no idea why.  This name had never come into my space before.  Then a beautiful, white speckled bulldog was offered to me.  Big gulp.  I knew this was ‘Luna’ and she had been connecting with me far before she actually came into my physical life.

My name is Crystal Sunshine.  I’ve always worn this name with pride.  Welcoming in the idea of offering ‘light’ into people’s lives.  Sunshine.  Seemed fitting.

Then one day we had Luna and Sunshine.  The moon to my sun.  However, I had no idea how befitting the name ‘Luna’ really was until I read, “The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets” by Barbara G. Walker-given to me by my good friend. Dr. Lauren Cielo.

“Luna is the Latin name of the Moon Goddess, couple in Gnostic symbolism and magic texts with Sol, the male Sun. Together they represent fire and water, whose combination produce The Blood of Life. Luna, the watery moon used to be considered superior to Sol, the fiery sun.  Even Chaucer wrote of ‘Luna the Serene.  The Chief Goddess of the Ocean and it’s Queen.  Empress of the sea.'”

Meaning, Luna (Moon) the feminine has always balanced out my masculine (Sun) energy.  She has given me tools to embrace my maternal, nurturing side-as I tend to run a more masculine energy. She helps me bring forward the divine feminine energy within me.  The moon balancing out the sun.  For anyone that knows us personally, knows that Luna has her own fan club that is far bigger than anything I could have created.  She would spend all of her hours in the water, playing and commiserating with her sea life, her true soul tribe.  I’ve never seen an animal become so alive once she touches the water.  Luna truly is the Moon Shining Over The Sea. I am so grateful for this mermaid in a bulldog body. Such a clever soul.

Perhaps names have come into your space like Luna did.  I find that the true meaning of a name, usually goes far deeper in meaning than we tend to think.  Perhaps do a little research on a name, if it does keeps ‘reappearing’ for you.  You might just find what you are looking for!

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