Spirituality Behind Halloween

Spirituality Behind Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite nights.  For me, it’s a kick off to the holiday season and I love everything about the holidays!  It’s my favorite time of year, when the weather starts to have a chill in the air and night grows longer; making way for cozy nights filled with indoor cheer.  For us in the Northern Hemisphere,  the leaves are dying and nature is preparing and hibernating for the dead of winter. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, the dormant buds and slumbering animals are preparing to rebirth themselves and open to the start of summer. 

This time of year is about the continuous rotation of ‘death’ and ‘rebirth’. These cycles  are seen throughout nature and is also something that is mirrored within all of us. Constantly rotating, constantly moving from one form of energy to another.  The circle of life.  Death and rebirth. 

The cyclical energy of death and rebirth shows up in many forms for us.  Of course, the most literal being death of life and rebirth or the reincarnation from a soul into another form of life.  Or this cycle may present itself in less obvious but very personal forms of shedding, releasing and rebirthing ourselves, our jobs and our relationships as we make our way through various chapters of our lives. 

For me, Halloween is a  great time to honor these “deaths” that we have all experienced throughout the year. It is a time to make peace with all the things we have needed to let go of; both literally and figuratively. I find that once you are able to let go and release the pain, suffering and even guilt, shame or sorrow you may be carrying with these ‘deaths’ it opens up space to celebrate the cycle of the new; the ‘rebirth’.  As I teach in my Psychic Development Program; we are made up of only 2 things-energy and information.  Energy  never truly dies, it transmutes itself and most often into something greater and more beautiful than you could have ever imagined for yourself.  

Perhaps you can shift the information in your energy field (body, chakras and aura) that Halloween is not a night to be feared but a time to give a little extra thought or ritual to the idea that we are spiritual beings that never die, we are all energy. Instead, we live on in different forms and in different ways. We continually and constantly recreate ourselves through the cycles of life…

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