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Best Psychic-Ventura County 2018

I’m really excited to announce that my business, Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services and myself, Crystal Heinemann have been voted as one of the top 3 Psychics in Ventura, County CA!  With just under a million residents, I feel very blessed and honored to be voted in by my lovely community!

I also love that the #1 spot went to my friend and Pet Psychic extraordinaire, Laura Stinchfield! I love that I live in a community that puts their animals first and chose a Pet Psychic as their #1!  I couldn’t be more proud of the position that I was voted in at.  My beloved animals have been long time clients of Laura’s.  In fact, I would never have known that Luna, my bulldog wanted to surf had she not communicated it to Laura!  By working with Laura, my relationship with my passed Rocco and now Luna has been enhanced immeasurably.

Luna and I

The work we do, is completely virtual!  Isn’t the digital age wonderful? It allows for a global clientele. If you are in need of Animal Communication or looking to broaden your relationship with your pets, I highly recommend Laura!  If you’d like to gain some clarity and insight into your life, I’d love to work with you!  I read and heal the Soul aspect of yourself; as well as the energy and information in your energy field.  If you are experiencing some discomfort in your life or wanting to make a shift, I work with Spirit Guides that will work with your Higher Self (the Soul aspect of you) to shift and heal these experiences.

I also teach Psychic Development and have a new course starting in November.  This course is virtual as well; offering my lovely global students and clients the opportunity to learn to open up to their very own innate psychic abilities and in their pajamas, no less!  We need all the Lightworkers we can get right now, come one-come all!

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