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The Metaphysical Side of Sympathetic Nervous System

Today’s Clairvoyant Psychic Development 10:00am class students will learn about and learn about their File Clerk and how to metaphysically control the Sympathetic Nervous System.  Get ready to have your Crown Chakra activated, learn, expand your consciousness and raise your vibration even HIGHER, Lightworker Clairvoyant students!

Are you interested in learning how to learn the language of Clairvoyance? Or in bringing forward your psychic abilities?  We all have them, it’s just learning the psychic language of it all.  Much easier than learning how to walk or to ride a bike when we were kids!

If you’re interested in signing up for my next Clairvoyant Psychic Development I, enrollment is now open for mid September but space is filling up quickly! I like to keep the class sizes intimate.  This is a virtual class.  We meet up once per week for 2 hours over the phone. After class, you receive an audio recording and class notes.  If you enroll in the program, you have FREE access to practice your reading skills TWICE per week in my Psychic Reading Clinic’s.

I also have two virtual workshops that start August 18, 2018.  Meditation FundamenTOOLs and Women’s Intuition.

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