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This Week’s Psychic Reading Clinic: The Real World

Please join me in this week’s Psychic Reading Clinic.The topic is The Real World.  We’ll read in our partners space which level of the Astral Plane their Soul feels most ‘at home’ and what their Soul does on the Astral, as well as which level it vibrates too most!  Psychic Reading Clinic’s are every Wednesday at 6:00pm PST and Sunday at 8:30am PST and run an hour long.  Psychic Reading Clinic’sare available to Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academystudents and Golden Rose Psychic Academystudents.  Psychic Reading Clinics are FREE to current enrolled students of both phone Clairvoyant Psychic Development programs.  The cost is $15 for graduates to attend or for students that are studying through both Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy’sand Golden Rose Psychic Academy’s downloadable audio courses.  Only (4) four classesare required to be eligible for our Psychic Reading Clinics.

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Next 6 Month Psychic Development Program starts Sept. 15, 2018.  Enrollment now open and limited to only 10 students.  Secure your place in class HERE.

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I also have two workshops that start August 18th, 2018.  Meditation FundamenTOOLs and Women’s Intuition.  $50 OFF if you enroll by today, July 31st!

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Have questions? I’ve got answers! ~Crystal

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