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MQA Season One Bloopers

Metaphysical Q & A Season One Bloopers! Please enjoy Dr. Lauren and Crystal’s blooper moments while shooting Season 1 of MQA Video & Audio Podcast! Metaphysical Q&A is a subscription based video podcast and Metaphysical Teachings! Please join Dr. Lauren Cielo and Psychic Crystal Sunshine as they attempt to make metaphysics CRYSTAL clear and GOLDEN delicious! This exciting project will shift the way each human views the experiences they’re having here on Earth. As both professional clairvoyant healers and teachers, they believe they can explain, in simple terms, every single event, emotion and human experience!

The information you’ll find here will change the way you view life on Earth. The Metaphysical Q & A (MQA) platform is dedicated to explaining our shared human experiences in easily understood metaphysical terms!


Please stay tuned for Season Two of our Metaphysical Q & A Podcast where we will have special expert guests along with Dr. Lauren Cielo’s and Crystal Heinemann’s usual witty banter and their metaphysical and clairvoyant insight!  A duo you most certainly don’t want to miss!

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