Metaphysical Q & A

Post Shoot w/ Crystal Heinemann

Today my Metaphysical Q & A partner & CoHost, Dr. Lauren Cielo of Golden Rose Psychic Services  and I shot 2 episodes for our upcoming June 21st launch of our subscription based podcast, Metaphysical Q & A

We’re both beyond excited to bring this project to fruition!
Metaphysical Q & A is our attempt at making metaphysics crystal clear and golden delicious!

We answer viewers everyday questions, to everyday life with a metaphysical point of view. We believe that we can answer just about anything, metaphysically!
I’m normally the mad editor on Tuesday’s-however, I had birthday party shenanigans I had to tend to that I thought may bring some joy to viewers.

Also look for an upcoming blog on my professional blog titled: Actively Seeking Joy.

To submit YOUR questions, click here and receive a FREE reading from Dr. Lauren or myself if we answer it on air!


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