Power of our Higher Selves

A common thread that I share with my students at Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy and my clients at Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services is that our Higher Self will always experience what it came here to experience and the best thing that we can do, is to get out-of-the-way of our Higher Self.  To move out of resistance.  Our Higher Self always wins!

I love it when I live through my teachings…Collecting more information and examples that I can lead and teach from.  Remembering that we’re all here for this human experience, the School of Earth.

If you knew me personally, a word to describe me would be MOTIVATED.  An ex lover of mine would say that I’m motivated AF.  Anything is Possible!

Motivated mentally, physically and spiritually.  So when an opportunity to attend a 6am Hardcore  Physical Boot camp was given to me, I jumped at the challenge!  I love pushing myself and trying new things.  My motivation was to be inspired by others with the same mindset and to really jumpstart my metabolism and body with something different from my everyday outdoor workouts of running, hiking, yoga and paddleboarding.  For 3 months I did this 6am Bootcamp, 5 days a week.  I went through ups and downs, falling in love with it and then complete contempt for it.  However feeling fully inspired by the “veterans” that show up day after day, week after week, month after month.  High 5’ing team members as they pass.  I loved the camaraderie but something was missing.  Instead of feeling uplifted, I felt completely drained.  Exhausted throughout the day.  I found myself unhappy, unmotivated and completely not creative!  But week after week, I kept pushing myself thinking this has to be good for me, right?  It must be something else, it can’t be the workouts.

Then my body did something amazing, it actually stopped responding to the workouts and essentially started to feel and look like I wasn’t working out at all!? I had several WTH moments, as you can imagine!  So I quit…Yup.  I said no more.

The first day after I quit, it was amazing, I actually 100% felt like myself again! My energy and creation was at an all time high, I even felt like the birds were chirping louder and the colors of the world were brighter.  I put on my running shoes, grabbed my light hand weights, my iPod and took to the outdoors to run free again!  Like the Free Bird my soul has always been.  I felt so amazing and so energized, I couldn’t believe it!  I ran 5 miles without hardly breaking a sweat and it was as if my Higher Self and my Earthbound body were once again in sync and singing the same tune, the same sweet tune I have come accustomed to live by.  It’s been a week since I’ve reclaimed my Free Bird outdoor workouts and my mind, body and spirit feel stronger than ever.

I had forgotten that me and nature communed on my workouts.  That it was OUR time together.  No one else’s.  It was when Mother Earth and I shared stories and lessons with each other.  It’s my meditation space.  It’s ME.

On my beach run this morning, I was speaking with Cebu my Spirit Guide who is a Healing Master and I asked him why? Why was it such a shift for me?  And he said, “Crystal, just like we teach our students and clients to get out-of-the-way of their Higher Self, it’s the same for you.  Your Earth Bound ego body wanted the experience of this indoor boot camp but your Higher Self wants the experience to be one with nature during this time, that’s why you felt so drained and your physical body showed no signs of improvement because you were in resistance to the experience of what your Higher Self wanted”  Of course…Of course…I love it when the teacher becomes the student.

So when you notice if you are tired or drained or maybe there seems to be a lot of resistance in what you are doing in life, maybe it feels like bricks on your shoulders or you’re swimming against the tide…it simply means you’re in resistance to your Higher Self.  Maybe take a moment and ask yourself if this is truly the experience your soul wants?

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  1. That was so wonderful to hear about your experience and epiphany! It helps me reevaluate things in my own life. I am going to spend some time with this one and my Higher Self, check in and see if there is something I need to adjust, eliminate, embrace, or pish through! Thank you, Crystal for your honesty and integrity! In Love and Light! Layla

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