Guided Meditation

Guided Ash Moon Meditation

Happy Full Ash Moon, Bright Suns!

Please enjoy this meditation on grounding into Mother Earth, releasing and then filling in with high vibration energies! The Ash Moon or some call, The Worm Moon is a water moon, meaning it’s emotional. As I read in the energy for March, this Ash Moon is about re-birth and re-growth as well. It’s a time when we are coming out of our winter slumber and allowing our winter roots to start to sprout and re-grow. The Ash Moon is a time to work on Divine Partnerships, as well. In this guided meditation, I guide you to grow your roots and to become rooted into Mother Earth. I then, guide you to release any resistance to Divine partnerships and re-growth. I then guide you to fill in with high vibrating energies to allow this beautiful Ash Moon Energy to fill you in and fill you up!

Please make sure you are in a comfortable position and not operating machinery when listening to meditation.


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