Psychic Energy Update Nov. 20-26, 2017

🍁🍂Happy Thanksgiving Bright Suns! This week is about putting your best foot forward and really moving into the beautiful heart space that you and Cebu worked so hard to heal last week. How open does your heart feel? It was a week filled with Mother, Father & Inner Child Healing. Now you are being directed by ArchAngel Ariel to put your best foot forward, lead with your freshly healed open heart and accept YOU and YOUR loved ones as they are. We all come into this world with past life baggage with ourselves and each other, it’s time to put your best foot forward and recognize the journey you and your loved ones have had to go through. Everyone has had their own journey and sometimes it’s not so easy. Enjoy your open heart and live through love and compassion this week.🍁🍂

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