2018 Year Long Psychic Development Program

2018 Psychic Development Program


Crystal Sunshine Psychic AcademyWould you like to learn how to develop your innate psychic abilities? We all are psychic, we simply have forgotten how to access the power of our 3rd eye and intuition. Please join me for a complete comprehensive year long program that will completely shift your idea of time, space and energy forever! Please click here for complete details, class description, class schedule, curriculum and pricing. It’s not a mistake you are reading this, I’m so happy we found each other! I teach through amusement, laughter and love ❤️I’m excited for YOU to become part of our Bright Sun Soul Tribe here at Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy and Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services🕉☯️

Here is the tip of the iceberg of what you will learn at Crystal Sunshine Psychic Academy Year Long Program:

  • Give Life Readings
  • Access Past Lives
  • Talk to the Dead
  • Create What You Want
  • Work with Spirit Guides
  • Clear Energies and Entities from Buildings
  • Activate Your Creativity
  • Access Information You Left on Other Planets
  • Complete Karma
  • Control Your Sympathetic Nervous System
  • Heal Your Memory Banks
  • Run Kundalini Energy
  • Determine if You Have an Alien Implant

Once you enroll and become part of our Bright Sun Soul Tribe, you will receive a lot of savings, benefits and perks here at Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services.

Here are just a few of the student perks:

  • 25% OFF any Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services during the entire year of 2018
    • Including but not limited to:
      • Readings
      • Additional Classes and Workshops; Phone, Live & Audio
      • Coaching & Mentoring
  • FREE access to any future Year Long Clairvoyant Program
    • Once graduated, you have FREE access to any class in any future Year Long Program
      • Single class or multiple or entire program for a lifetime
  • 50% OFF How to Build a Spiritual Based Business workshops
    • Offered throughout the year
  • 2 FREE Energy Checks
    • Each Energy Check is about a half hour long; we discuss your progress and then I “look into” the energy that you are running and the use of your Psychic Tools and Spirit Guides.
  • FREE One Question Email Reading

Also, we have a wonderful referral program here! We are all for promoting small businesses! If someone you referred signs up for our 2018 Year Long Psychic Development Program, you will receive a $100 referral fee straight to you! If they pay in full, you will receive $100 total. If they pay monthly, you will receive $25 per month, for 4 months! I’d much rather pay our community than large advertising companies!

I’m so looking forward to being your teacher!  Please fill out the form below to enroll!  Remember, early registration comes with great savings!  In Love & Light, Bright Suns!

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