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Psychic Energy Update 11.13-19, 2017

Psychic Energy Update Nov. 13-19, 2017
Happy Monday Bright Suns! Thank YOU for being YOU! The energy for this upcoming week is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  My Highest & Best Guides & Angels are encouraging you all to live through your heart space this week.  If you can, almost think of your heart as a separate entity and ask, “What would my heart say?” and GO WITH THAT ANSWER! The more we lead through our heart space, the more we become integrated with our true selves and truly remember who we are, as souls.  There are only two emotions that truly exist; either love or fear.  Right now there is a lot of fear in the world and the more fear based we live, it attracts more fear.  We are encouraged to transmute that fear into LOVE because the same is true; love will attract more love.  My Spirit Guide, Healing Master Cebu is healing (of course with your Higher Self permission) YOUR heart space this week.  He’s working on healing Mother & Father Healing issues as well as your Inner Child Healing that are located in your heart space.  Cebu and I hope your Higher Self accepts this beautiful healing!  Until next week, Bright Suns! I don’t know about you but I am going to take Spirit’s advice and watch a Love based movie every single night this week to really allow my heart to feel and express itself.  How are you going to allow your heart to express itself?  I’d love to hear from you!  Please share, comment, like, subscribe, all of the good stuff!  From my heart to your heart, I am grateful for you tuning in and reading my blog!

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