Solar Eclipse, Total Solar Eclipse

Healing from the Total Solar Eclipse


fullsizeoutput_35a9     When I was invited to experience the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, everything inside of my body went YES YES YES! However, my physical body wasn’t as excited to travel over a week’s time & thousands of miles.  The advantage of being an intuitive psychic is knowing to pay attention to the vibration of YES! I didn’t know why my spirit & soul kept saying YES but I did know that I had to honor them.  My body, mind & spirit is a democracy so my body had to go along with the overruling.

     The week’s leading up to the solar eclipse were quite an intense time for both myself as well as my clients.  I, myself felt unsettled and a bit anxious which is uncommon.  My clients were going through mass change, feeling overwhelmed as well as a bit chaotic.  

 fullsizeoutput_3565    For this, I had no idea what the energy of the total solar eclipse was going to bring, if anything!  I’m not well educated with astronomy or astrology or anything to do with stars & planets, outside of being able to read their energy.  What I did know was that I was going to experience something visually stunning but the energy field was unknown.  

     We gathered with about 30 people on a private  ranch in Richland, Oregon.  I knew about 5% of the people.  It was quite a gathering of much excitement of the unknown! If you weren’t aware of an eclipse happening, you really wouldn’t have had any clues leading up to it.  Unless you looked through the solar glasses which black out everything but the sun, you would not know that this beautiful exchange was happening.  What surprised me most was the sudden 10-15 degree drop in temperature.  Then very quickly Lady Moon covered the sun & in a short minute and 12 seconds, we were in complete darkness.  

    fullsizeoutput_35a8 What then transpired was the most amazing experience of my life! In that brief minute, a group of virtual strangers all came together in a euphoric moment.  Everyone’s heart centers were completely open!  I could see everyone’s heart chakras open to a higher dimension of unconditional, blissful love.  For this minute, we all felt what living in a higher vibration would feel like, our souls vibrating to this amazing healing energy shift from our moon.  It was something that gave no warning, no signs but in a minutes time everyone hugged & shared how much love they felt.  It was the most beautiful, unforgettable experience.  For our earth bound bodies were integrated with our higher selves & vibrating to the 9th dimension of higher, unconditional love.  

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