Astral Plane

Teaching on the Astral Plane

I thought I would share a fun story with you all! When I enter my reading and healing space, I often feel like I am my dog, Luna’s Healing Master. I do a million step routine getting HER ready for MY day, haha. I call in her Highest and Best Guides, ground her, protection roses, etc. She normally sits right at my feet during my readings or will sun herself outside and come right back to my feet. A couple Saturday’s ago, it was unusual…as soon as I entered my reading space, she looked straight at me and went to the bedroom! I went to go check on her and I don’t often “hear” her words but this time, very clearly she says to me, “I decided to teach about love on the Astral while you are taking classes…” my mind was blown! So I said, “Oh my goodness, you are so smart! I am so proud of you, there is no better soul to teach about love than you, you’re perfect for the job!” She then clearly said, “not just love, pure unconditional love” my heart melted! Wouldn’t you know that she stayed “in trance” the entire day of readings!! This is also unusual…She is up with the sun and down with the sun with a 20-30 minute cat nap during the day…During trance, I saw Luna’s class room on the right, then my class room right across the hall on the left! Our world’s are so amazing, aren’t they? I peaked into her class and there she was under a beautiful valence of High Priestess, Mermaid beauty…which is also very fitting. She has often spoken about how she is a “selkie” a sea being that has taken a land body in this lifetime. When we are out on the ocean, we are often visited by dolphins that will swim with us for a mile or so…seals, whales even. She matter of factly will say, “Oh yes, those are my friends. Souls recognize souls. They are honoring me for taking this body” I love this fantastical world! Do you all have any stories of your fur babies or non fur babies stories during your professional reading space? I believe they are our best teacher’s in life!!

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