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Cebu My Spirit Guide Healing Master

Happy Sunday Bright Sun’s!
Cebu, My Healing Master has asked me to write about him today.  He is a Being Without Body whose job is to be my Healing Master. We have a spiritual contract agreement that I am the Clairvoyant Reader and he is the Healer.  I call him in before I start any Clairvoyant Reading session.  My teacher in the Golden Rose Psychic Academy, Dr. Lauren Cielo, whom you might have seen on Gaia TV, goes to the Astral Planes between levels 7-8, where the Cathedral of Souls is and sets up these contracts for his students.  It’s one of the perks in attending The Golden Rose Psychic Academy!  In the days leading up to our meeting, Cebu started dropping his name all around me. We seemed to connect right away. My hands have always tingled when he is plugged in. Sometimes, I can even feel his excitement with butterflies in my own stomach! He looks like a cross over between Doc from Back to the Future and Einstein. He has crazy, longer hair. He’s about 5’7″. He usually comes in either barefoot or with sandals. He wears jeans, however he has shown me past lives where he is in a loin cloth in the Amazon. He usually has a crazy button up shirt like a Hawaiian shirt. Always a cardigan. He often wears crystals or gems around his wrists and neck, wrapped in a hemp like threading. He has a small tattoo on his right hand, the space between his thumb and pointer finger of a small crescent moon. He moves and heals energy with his hands. It’s common to see him clean out and heal chakras with his hands that go in like a drill, straight into the chakras! It’s pretty fascinating to watch! He’s very funny and laid back. He likes to garden, run and surf (he has shown me in our Amazonian past life that he would make bamboo rafts and float). He has also joked when I’m about to go for a run he puts on super tight running pants and laughs and says he’s ready! He told me that when I see unusually large leaves grow in my garden that this is from him. Our last life that we have had together, is this Amazonian life he really identifies with. Even though he’s like a mad scientist, he’s very natural and hippie like. We were in a brother and sister type relationship, I’m not quite sure if we were actually blood related but we were very close and in the same tribe. He would forage for medicinal plants (in a loin cloth!) in the jungle and then bring me the plants and I would make tinctures and brews with them. He has also shown me that he runs the jungle with lions and large animals and he’s friend to all! We have grown very close, very quickly. We always exchange some sort of affection whether with words or a hug when he goes back to the astral. He’s pretty amazing and I hope this write-up has made him proud! He wanted me to tell all of our readers that he hopes to heal you sometime. 

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